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Everyone always spends lots of time thinking about what they would like to study but not so much thought goes into where to study. This can be just as important, creating studies designed specifically to you. Have a look at your options; sixth forms aren’t the only place to study.

University Technical Colleges (UTCs)

  • Aimed at the STEM subjects: Motorsport engineering, virtual & augmented reality, science, health, robots, 3D printing, bionics, apps, video production and ethical hacking. These are just some of the subjects you can learn at a UTC.
  • UTCs work with the most exciting employers in the UK. Everything you learn is geared towards helping you gain an apprenticeship, setting you up for university and/or starting an exciting career in a high paying industry.
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Career Colleges

  • Career Colleges aim to give you the necessary skills and hands on experience needed to head into a successful career.
  • Carefully designed programmes mean academic elements are intertwined with practical and technical education. This means you can get involved directly with your future employers in industry projects, developing your enterprising skills and communication- vital for when you head into the world of work.
  • Another perk of career colleges is the network of support from employers. If you have built solid relationships with employers throughout your studies, finding careers could be fast-tracked! Many employers work directly with the colleges in industries such as:
  • Hospitality and Catering

  • Health and Care

  • Digital

  • Professional Services

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Air and Defence

  • Rural Tourism

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If you’re interested in a specific course such as sport or hospitality, specialist colleges could be of interest to you. Have a look through What’s Next to discover more options!

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