Nail your interview

Be professional, confident and friendly, no matter the interview format

Video interviews are on the rise, gone are the days where they’d only be used for overseas jobs with dodgy connection. Lots of employers are now opting to conduct video interviews so make sure you’re prepared. Here are some ways to prepare:


Check Your Tech. Familiarize yourself with your camera and microphone. Make sure the camera is eye level so you can make eye contact. Try calling a friend first so they can make sure everything looks good from both connections.

Research the Format. There are two types of video interview- live or pre-recorded. A live interview is a regular 2-person interview, you will just be conducting it over an online platform (e.g. Skype). Pre-recorded is much less personal, you’ll be presented with a series of questions. You then record your responses in a video with a time limit.

Prep Your Surroundings. Make sure your background looks neat and professional with no glaring distractions for you or the interviewer. This also means checking for noise distractions, make sure there is no barking dog or fighting siblings in the room!

Lighting. Put a light behind your camera shining on your face, so no shadows are cast on it. Make sure the light isn’t too glaring as this can look unflattering.

Speak Freely. Go to an environment where you can speak freely. Don’t sit in your current workplace if they don’t know you are applying elsewhere or in a library where you will have to be quiet.

Dress Appropriately. You should dress in the same manner as a regular interview but do keep in mind that busy patterns may appear strange on a screen. While it may be tempting to wear pyjamas on the bottom, what happens if you have to unexpectantly jump up to close a door. It looks lazy if you haven’t made the effort.

Positive Body Language.  Try to avoid slouching, moving around or touching your face. You should maintain good eye-contact and remember- that means looking into the camera not the person on the screen. Be calm, confident and remember to smile!

Calm Your Nerves. It’s completely normal to get nervous before an interview, everyone does. It’s how you deal with those nerves that will make or break your interview. Stay professional, friendly and confident whilst you present the best you. Try not to worry about the outcome of the interview as you’ve done your best, no one could ask for more!

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