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    Oodlesof.info is a place where you can find out about oodles of things that exist to help UK teenagers in and out of school…

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  • Opportunities

    Challenges, experiences, competitions and more for young people – in or out of school

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  • What’s Next

    The World doesn’t get any simpler. As you start thinking about the myriad of choices in school/college or out of education, here are some tips.

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  • Money Matters

    Some tips and online resources to helps with things financial

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  • Wellbeing

    We signpost places you can go to either ensure you stay well or that can help you out if things are getting a little out of hand

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  • The Environment

    The Planet and how we need to look after it is now firmly centre stage – here are some links to things going on

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  • Learning Resources

    Online resources to help you with your study at GCSEs, A-levels and everything else in between

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We’ve brought together loads of amazing resources for young people of all ages….

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