Engineering Minds

Want to become the next generation of scientists?


  • Engineering Minds is a Robotics and Coding Club run by a team of coders, engineers and scientists.
  • Empowering children to get ready for their future by becoming the next generation of scientists, engineers, coders and developers.
  • Offering high quality STEAM Clubs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design, Mathematics) accessible to all children, regardless of their economic or social background.
  • With the guidance of experienced tutors, children learn to code, improve their problem thinking, visualise abstract notions, apply maths and physics into their coding games, use their creativity and have lots of Eureka moments.


  • With holiday clubs and after school clubs there is always an opportunity to try out one of these clubs all year round.


  • Find a club that may suit you, then book via the website (link below) to claim your place!