Plenty of options

Is it too early to start thinking about this?

Even though you’ll have to stay in education or some form of training until you are 18, you can still take various routes during this time. 


Aged 12/14 (Year 8/9) you decide about some of the GCSEs you will be doing. You might also choose some more practical, vocational courses and perhaps even opt to switch school to attend a Career College or University Technical College.

Aged 15/16 (Year 11) you’ll be making decisions about A Levels, International Baccalaureate, vocational courses, apprenticeships, training or work you want to do and where you can do it.

Aged 17/18 (Years 11 & 12) you make decisions about going into higher education like university, taking a gap year before higher education or starting work. 


Can I change my mind?

It’s best to make careful choices at the start of your journey. You might be able to change your mind, but that depends on your school and other factors such as what’s available in your local area. Your teachers will be able to tell you more. 

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