First Impressions Count

In person or on paper, know how to promote yourself in the best way!

First impressions count. Whether getting ‘suited and booted’ for a job interview, or selling yourself as the top candidate on paper, the people we encounter read us instantly. Here are our quick tips to help you create the right impression:

Promoting yourself in person

  • Appearance. Your clothing, posture and speech are very important because impressions are made within seconds. Ensure your appearance is appropriate for the situation. 
  • Attitude. Employers want to see enthusiasm, so be positive in the way you speak. Smiling and making eye contact is good, you want to show friendly, open body language. Prepare some questions you can ask to show you’ve done your research.
  • Personality. Let your personality shine through, but remember you need to impress. Be sensitive to the needs and culture of the organisation. You want to show them how well you will fit in to it.

 Promoting yourself on paper

When writing your CV or filling an application form, it’s important to get it right. Small mistakes will show up to a discerning reader who may reject your application as a result.

  • Your CV should include:

1. Personal information. Name, address and relevant social media presence.

2. Education and Training. Schools/ colleges you attended and the qualifications attached.

3. Skills Summary. A useful section to highlight your best attributes.

4. Employment. Start with the most recent first. Include a small paragraph on role details and the skills you used to fulfill the role. 

5. Voluntary work & hobbies. What skills have these helped you develop? Include genuine hobbies that have given you demonstrable skills- playing as part of a team builds excellent communication skills.

6. Referees. Find 2 people who are happy to write a reference for you. They must be in a professional capacity (you’re friend bragging how excellent you are sadly doesn’t count!). A school tutor or previous employer are good choices.

 Layout & Presentation.

  • Print your CV on good quality paper, with short and factual sentences.
  • Make sure the layout is clear and easy to follow- you want to make your potential employers life as easy as possible.
  • Let your character speak for itself and catch their interest with your brilliant skills and unique character rather than using fancy borders or fonts.
  • Don’t include information like age, height, ethnicity, parenthood status or pictures.

    Final step- get out there! Dressed to impress with a charming character and dazzling CV you’re sure to succeed and land your ideal job in no time.

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