Ocean Plastic

A mission to help our oceans

Surf’s Up! But unfortunately, so is the amount of plastic in our oceans. Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finds its way into our oceans. Sadly, this doesn’t just impact us, 100, 000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 000 000 sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution every year. Surfers Against Sewage are working hard to do their bit, will you join them?

Beach cleans are a great first step on your mission to help our oceans. An easy, effective thing to do, that can take you as little as 5 minutes on your morning stroll to joining one of SAS’s Big Beach Cleans.

Taking place between the 6th and the 14th of April, the Big Spring Beach Clean (BSBC) is the largest and most effective volunteer beach cleaning project in the UK, if not Europe. Since 2010 over 120,271 of you have joined at over 2,532 events across the UK. Don’t worry if you’re busy, a second Big Beach Clean happens in Autumn too, taking place from the 19th to the 27th October each year.

Remember, if you don’t live near the coast, all the plastic left on our streets, streams and rivers will all eventually reach our oceans, clearing these is very important too!

Can’t manage a Big Beach Clean? Make a difference with your own personal #MINIBEACHCLEAN and don’t forget to use that hashtag to show the world the amazing difference you are making and inspire others to follow you!


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