Help Save the World

Think Local, Impact Global

Okay, so saving the entire world on your own might seem a little ambitious, but there are definitely some easy steps you can take to get you well on your way. Pollution is one of the biggest issues our planet faces so if everyone reaches out to reduce their impact just a little, we could make a big difference. Think Local, Impact Global.

1.     Have a reusable bottle.

Plastic pollution is a serious issue, with our throw-away societies using a lot of single use plastic. 1 000 000 plastic bottles are bought PER MINUTE leaving 8 000 000 tonnes of plastic in our oceans every year. Those numbers are scarily high, make sure you aren’t adding even more to them! Plus, you’ll save extra pennies as you can usually have your bottle refilled for free!

2.     Less than a couple of miles?

If your journey is less than a couple of miles, walk, run, bike, scoot, skate… options are endless, just don’t get in the car! If it’s a rainy day, the bus is a great way to get to your destination. Not only are you saving the environment but you’re burning extra calories too, another biscuit anyone?!

3.     Go veggie- for a day!

Being careful with what you’re consuming is at the heart of being more eco-friendly and cutting down on the amount of meat you eat can have a huge impact. Pledge to commit just 1 day a week to going veggie (#MEATLESSMONDAYS). If over the course of a year you:

  • Ate one less burger a week, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 320 miles.
  • Skip meat and cheese one day a week with your family, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for five weeks – or reducing everyone’s daily showers by 3 minutes.
  • Skip steak once a week with your family, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for nearly three months.
  • And if the entire U.S. did not eat meat or cheese for just one day a week, it would be the equivalent of not driving 91 billion miles – or taking 7.6 million cars off the road.

4.     Compost.

If you have let your food go that little bit too far past its ‘best by’ then you need to be sure to compost it rather than putting it in the bin. Not only will this help create a natural fertiliser and keep your garden green, it’ll also reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

5.     Keep yourself (and the environment!) clean.

When it comes to personal hygiene there are several things you need to be careful to avoid for a truly eco-friendly lifestyle. The most damaging of these is microbeads, which are small bits of solid plastic which aren’t biodegradable and end up damaging the environment by entering the food chain. Make sure that your body wash, toothpaste, face scrub and other products do not contain these beads. In addition to this, avoiding chemicals and opting for natural cleaning products – like those sold by Lush is the best way to keep yourself and the environment clean.

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