Big School’s Birdwatch    

Lend a bird a helping hand

Every year, teachers from every corner of the UK take part, turn their classes into conservation scientists and help to track the ups and downs of birds across the country. We ask you to spend just one hour watching and recording the birds in your garden or local greenspace, before sending the results to the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The rules are simple:

1.     Count the birds that land, not flying overhead.

2.     And record the highest amount of each species that you see at one time, not the total amount you saw in an hour.

Why your numbers count

One way the RSPB keeps track of how Britain’s wildlife is doing is through the Birdwatch. It shows them if certain species have had a decline, such as the House Sparrow. But it also shows positive things, like an increase in Long-Tailed Tits.

Lending a helping hand

So how can you help? Putting out fresh water and shelter such as a birdhouse is a good start (you could even craft your own!). Adding some high energy food is even better. As the ground gets frozen food becomes scarce for the birds- tasty snacks such as mealworms, seeds and fat blocks will be appreciated by your feathered friends. Or you could even raid your own snack stash, mild grated cheese, chopped unsalted bacon, soft fruit, cooked pasta, potatoes and pastry (cooked or uncooked) will all be eaten by birds.

The Big Birdwatch usually happens from the beginning of January until mid-February so keep an eye for your chance to join in 2020!

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