Be Smart. Be Savvy. Be Safe.

Technology is amazing and we’ve all got the right to enjoy using it safely. When we do anything online- post, comment, search or ‘like’ – we are creating our own unique digital footprint. This can be one of your greatest strengths but make sure you are staying safe online.


                  It’s important to remember your digital footprint could be seen by others- friends, family, teachers, and even future employers or universities.

            Check you’re happy with the security settings on your online profiles so that you understand what information is being seen publicly. Make sure you’re only sharing with who you want to!

           Sharing things you’re proud of such as academic and sporting accomplishments or cool things you’ve created could help you build a positive reputation online.

Think carefully before posting online. Companies may uncover your digital footprint during recruitment and this can make or break future opportunities.                                                                                                                           

           Log- off and search for yourself regularly in search engines and social networks or social games you use and see what information can be seen about you online.

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