Work Experience at Penguin

Try publishing on for size


  • Work experience at Penguin consists of a 1-2 week placement within one of the publishing departments.
  • Good news is, this work experience opportunity is paid, so you’ll receive the National Living Wage.
  • Bear in mind that there is no contract or standard selection process e.g. CV submission or interview. This is because Penguin sees this opportunity as a learning experience rather than a job.
  • Your work experience placement will be incredibly varied and you’ll be sitting right in the hub of your team – what better way to learn?
  • Tasks will differ from placement to placement but general focus will be: Publicity, Marketing, Editorial, Rights, Sales and Contracts.


  • Applications for work experience between January-March 2020 will open in November.


  • The Penguin selection process is random, to give everyone a fair go
  • The only influencing factors will be your availability and the department you’d like to join.
  • To be eligible for a place, you must:
    • Be over 18 (at point of placement).
    • Not have carried out a work experience placement with Penguin, in any department, within the last 6 months.
    • Have the right to work and train in the UK.

Good luck!