Engineering work experience at Leonardo

Build and test your own product:


  • Engineering work experience at Leonardo – the UK’s leading helicopter manufacturer.
  • Leonardo’s work experience programmes offer a wide range of activities at sites across the UK.
  • Gain an invaluable insight into the varied STEM-related career options out there.
  • What will you be doing? From a day’s overview of the company, to a week exploring the diversity of engineering, Leonardo will challenge your perceptions about the world of work.
  • You’ll work as part of team, meeting challenges and helping you to discover your potential.
  • 5 locations including Southampton, Edinburgh, Yeovil, Luton, Basildon
  • The work experience placement is designed to challenge and inspire you, as well as looking great on your CV.
  • Successful applicants will undertake a series of projects that challenge you to design, build and test an electronic product to meet a set of customer requirements.
  • You will experience the processes involved in engineering and will end your experience with a product that you can take home!


  • Check back in autumn 2019 for work experience opportunities during summer 2020.
  • Bear in mind the dates could be different depending on location so head to the website to find out.


  • If you are interested in taking up this work experience opportunity with Leonardo, the best thing to do is to speak directly with your school or college who will be able to connect with one of Leonardo’s STEM ambassadors.

Good luck!