Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

Think you can crack the code?


  • The Alan Turing Cryptography competition follows the story of two young cipher sleuths, Mike and Ellie, as they get caught up in a cryptographic adventure ‘The Tale of the Data Deception’.
  • Every couple of weeks, a new chapter of the story will be released, each with a difficult code to crack.
  • There are six chapters in total to make it through (plus the story’s conclusion).
  • Points can be earned by cracking each code and submitting your answer.


  • The first team solve any of the six chapters will win a £15 Amazon gift voucher each.
  • Team members that finish in the top 3 on the leaderboard will win £30, £25 and £20 respectively in Amazon gift vouchers.
  • …And more!


  • Registration for 2020 hasn’t opened yet but you can request an email reminder for when the dates are released by clicking here


  • Once open you can register a team of up to 4 members or join an existing team.
  • It’s also possible to register as a `non-competing’ team, e.g. if you’re a teacher who would like to follow the competition.

Happy code-breaking!