Youth Speaks

Calling all young speakers


  • Youth Speaks: A Debate is organised and promoted by Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RotaryGBI). It is a four-stage competition which is designed to support and encourage the development of effective communication skills.
  • Challenge your public speaking abilities and perform, persuade and entertain the audience with your display of wit and knowledge of a topic.
  • In teams of three participants present arguments and points of discussion, before taking questions from the judging panel who are, themselves, skilled orators.
  • Participants can select a topic which is important to them, giving them an opportunity to delve deep into research, formulate ideas and build confidence.


  • The 2019 competition registration is closed however head to their website to view the information pack in preparation for 2020.


  • Contact your local Rotary club for an entry form. Details can be found on the Rotary website.