Science, Technology, Engineering

Guiding you through your STEM subjects

Science & Tech Resources to help you with science, technologya and engineering. These resources have been picked to give you a guide through the analytical, creative world of STEM subjects. Choose from past papers, quizzes, personal guidance from tutors and more!


Your Step by Step Saviour to GCSE or A level Biology.

A blog that is perfectly designed to help you tackle those tricky areas within biology, going through the syllabus step by step. It covers both GCSE and A Level Biology, in a simple and understandable way.


Interactive Science Learning

Interactive quizzes, worksheets, puzzles and activities and general science sites. Includes special tips from a qualified teacher!


Simple Physics

A website that breaks down your physics syllabus into modules, providing you with simple summaries of each. There is also a large bank of practice papers that gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test.


Your Step by Step Saviour to GCSE or A level Physics

A blog that is perfectly designed to help you tackle those tricky areas within physics, going through the syllabus, step by step.


Achievable Grades

A visual YouTube chanel that covers all the GCSE syllabus at your own pace.


Free Science Lessons

View FreeScienceLessons on YouTube for GCSE science help from your home. A range of topics are covered in easy to follow yet thorough videos.


Your Step by Step Saviour to Chemistry

Breaking down the Chemistry syllabus into simple understandable points, as well as providing you with essential exam and revision tips.



At SciShow, we’re endlessly curious about what makes the universe tick. If you’re passionate about quenching your curiosity about… everything, you’re in the right place. Join us ever day to learn about the world around us and beyond.


The Backyard Scientist

Crazy science fun- in your backyard!


Science with Hazel

Great online videos covering all exam boards and qualifications



Computer Science

Computer Science Topics

Computer science course for A level


IB Standard Computer SCI

Computer science course for IB standard level



Design Technology

MOMA Design education

Artivles and videos giving inspiration and help


BBC Bitesize

Covers each exam board


AQA DT Revision

AQA Product design revision page and course contents


IB Higher Product Design

IB Higher Level Product design revision and sylabus notes


Product Design Revision Videos

19 part video revision course

More opportunities like this one…