Commedia dell’Arte Workshop

For actors, students, teachers & playful people


  • The Pantarei Theatre troupe have workshops available to students and teachers of both beginner and advanced levels to learn the ancient physical comedy of the genre and its place in contemporary performance.
  • Run by one of the leading practitioners in the UK, this Commedia dell’Arte masterclass will offer you the opportunity to discover and expand skills that are fundamental in any performance setting: body and space awareness, physical stamina, a clear understanding of rhythm-tempo and comic timing.
  • Each month they focus on a specific archetype.


  • The ‘Commedia dell’Arte Workshops are run throughout the Summer Season.
  • Each participant can choose to come to 1 session only or attend the whole course.
  • Individual workshops cost just £30.
  • The cost of the entire course -booked in advance- is £100.
  • Sessions commence on the last Saturday of the month. JUN: The Servants | JUL: The Masters | AUG: The Captain (outsider) | SEP: The Lovers.
  • 2019 summer season is coming to a close with only 1 September workshop left, however it’s worth taking a look at the details and keeping this opportunity in mind for 2020.


  • Head to the official website to see all the details and how to book.