Clean Tech Competition

Solve challenges that we face today:


  • If you’re looking for tech experience, this Clean Tech Competition focuses on issues that test core technological competencies, giving you a chance to solve challenges that we face today.
  • The competition is designed to give a deeper understanding of STEM concepts & prepare a new generation of innovators.
  • The challenge for 2020: Reducing Individual Impacts:
  • Identify a specific problem that deals with an individuals impact, and explain the specific impacts on environmental conditions, human health and/or the economy.
  • Research and describe the scale of the problem and the affected populations.
  • Design a solution that uses clean technology to address your identified problem, and explain how it would help mitigate the negative impacts of such.
  • There are 2 rounds within this competition.


  • The Registration Deadline is 4:00 PM EST on Friday, March 13th, 2020.


  • Each Team Leader must create an account and fill out registration information for each Team they are supervising.
  • Head to the website to register and to read all the details you will need to take part in this competition.