Find Your First Job

Stepping into the world of work

If you’re getting older and your pocket money doesn’t seem to stretch so far anymore, it may be time to get your first job! It can be intimidating to step into the world of work, especially with a lack of experience but we’ve made it easy as.

Check with everyone you know– sometimes word of mouth is the best method as a coach or trusted neighbour can vouch for your character without an extensive CV to prove it.

Don’t be afraid to put together a CV and apply to local businesses. You may not have pages of experience but informal jobs such as working for neighbours or pet sitting can still show you are dedicated and willing. Ask your school tutor or sports coach if they would mind being a character reference- they know you’re a hard worker and would be happy to tell a potential employer that too!

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done, think of your beneficial characteristics. If you’re social and confident, serving food at a local café could be a good place to start. Athletic? Lifeguarding is an excellent job and you earn a valuable qualification at the same time. Find plenty of roles on sites such as Indeed, even just browsing can give you ideas of what you could potentially do.

With a little initiative and willingness to work (even if it’s a lower wage!) you can establish your reputation as a competent and dedicated employee- you’ll be earning in no time!

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