Ideas to pocket a little extra cash

Would you like to earn some spending money or start saving up for something special? Here are some of our ideas to pocket a little extra cash, every penny counts no matter your age!

  1. Ask your neighbours if they have any jobs. There’s usually a fence that needs painting or leaves that need raking. And if they don’t have any this time, it’s still worth asking as they may remember you next time they need a hand!
  2. Save your pennies. Put all your spare change in a piggy bank or jar that you can’t open. At the end of the year or when it’s full (if you’re patient enough!) have yourself a treat! You won’t have missed the odd 10 or 20p at the time but you’d be surprised at how much change can build up over time!
  3. Pet Sitting. Are you responsible and dedicated? This is a serious job as you’re caring for someone’s beloved pet, but if you are up for the challenge, it can be a great way to earn. Offer to feed a neighbour’s cat or take the dog for a walk while they’re out at work. It could be a great little earner!
  4. Have a garage sale or go to a car boot. Lots of old toys, bikes and general bits & pieces around the house? Ask Mum and Dad to help you run a sale and with their organising help, have a clear out and make money at the same time- double score!
  5. Ask your parents for extra chores. You may have some chores that you’re expected to do but your parents may have extra jobs they’re happy to pay you for. Ask if there is any ironing on a Sunday afternoon ready for the week ahead- 50p per shirt.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, there are so many more opportunities out there!

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