The Young Political Leader Programme

A 360-Degree Experience of a Career in Politics


  • The Young Political Leader Programme takes students aged 15-18 on an immersive exploration through some of the most coveted careers in global politics.
  • The programme brings high-profile political figures to UCL, including former Government Ministers, current MPs, United Nations refugee experts, Foreign Office Diplomats, Lobbyists and Policymakers.
  • They will run a series of interactive simulations to give you a thorough experience of working in a powerful, desirable political role.
  • The programme includes opportunities to:
    – Act as a UN Ambassador in a ‘Model UN’ Security Council meeting
    – Debate with current MPs in a simulated House of Commons debate
    – Represent your constituency in a simulated Parliamentary Question Time, chaired by a former Government Minister
    – Act as a Diplomat responding to an urgent international crisis


  • 30th November – 1st December 2019 10:30AM – 5:30PM, University College, London (UCL)
  • £250/student for both days, £135/student for one day. Places are limited.


  • Head to the website to register.