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3 Revision Tips You Haven’t Heard Before


You probably think you’ve heard every revision tip under the sun by this point. But have you?

We’ve found 3 revision tips that we bet you haven’t tried before…

Visual learner? Make use of your phone background:

  • This one is minimal effort for those of you who love to get all co-ordinated and organised with mind maps for your revision topics.
  • You’ve already got the mind maps so all you need to do is take a quick photo and set it as your phone wallpaper.
  • If you’re like us and probably on your phone more than you should be, the constant keyword reminder should work a treat – or at least remind you to get off your phone and back to revision!


Kinaesthetic learner? Act stuff out:

  • If you’re a kinaesthetic learner then you’ll find it easier to concentrate and remember facts when doing something physical.
  • Not sure if this is you? Try pacing around the room while reading through your notes and make gestures with your hands when you get to a section you find tricky to remember.


None of the above? Perfume could help:

It’s a similar line of thinking to the movement point above – some people find that scents will trigger memories. Ever smell a certain meal and immediately think of home?

Try wearing a particular perfume or aftershave while revising different modules and then wear the same one on the day of the exam corresponding to that module.

You can try this with sweets too if that’s more your thing!


Happy revising!

The Oodles Team x