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3 Revision Tips You Haven’t Heard Before


You probably think you’ve heard every revision tip under the sun by this point. But have you? We’ve found 3 revision tips that we bet you haven’t tried before… Visual learner? Make use of your phone background: This one is minimal effort for those of you who love to get all co-ordinated and organised with […]

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Are You Secure Online? 7 Things To Keep In Mind


If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that cyber-security and internet safety are pretty hot topics right now. It’s easy to think of these as large-scale issues to be handled by the authorities but there are plenty of  precautions that we as individuals can take. So are you doing everything you can to protect […]

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How To Make The Most Of Your Work Experience


So you’ve been lucky enough to secure a work experience placement – now what? Well we’ve put together a few tips for you to use, to help you get the most you can out of your work experience. Why should I read these work experience tips? It’s easy enough to float through a work experience […]

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Driving Test Changes 2017 – How Are Your Sat Nav Skills?


The government is bringing driving tests firmly into the 21st Century with four major driving test changes for 2017…so what’s new? 1. Independent driving to increase to 20 minutes The independent driving segment is arguably one of the most relevant parts of the driving test – you’re told to follow signs to a location without […]

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Autumn Budget 2017 – What’s in it for Young People?


The government has not necessarily had the best track record when it comes to appealing to younger voters but Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Budget does detail some benefits for us… Travel card for millennials: It’s about time! Previously available to young people aged 16-25, the discount railcard will (as of spring next year) be available […]

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Which Degrees Pay The Best?


Of course there’s no guaranteed salary that comes with each degree but there’s no denying that some subjects have a better track record for earning potential than others. We’re not saying that money should be your sole or principal motivator when it comes to choosing a degree subject but in the current economic climate, it’s […]

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Tuition Fees Update: Saving Us Money?

tuition fees

We’re going political with this week’s blog post and discussing Prime Minister Theresa May’s pledge at the Conservative party conference. Let’s get into it! Tuition Fees: what’s changed? Well, Theresa May has pledged to save individual students up to £15,700 over the course of their working lives by raising the threshold for university tuition fee […]

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GCSE Results Day 2017: The Lowdown


You might have pushed it to the back of your mind, been worrying about it all summer or simply have forgotten about it completely. Well, fear not because we’re here to give you the lowdown on GCSE Results Day. When is GCSE Results Day? This year, Results Day falls on Thursday 24th August – save […]